I’m a final year Creative Music Technology student at the University of Surrey and for the module, Creating Music With Computers 3a I am required to create a soundscape which makes use of field recording and demonstrates research has informed its creation. I am keeping this blog to document my research, listening and the field recordings I will be making.

I have to submit my research, and I didn’t really want to part with my notebook which has too many important notes to be without, so after a couple of weeks, I decided to document my research here. So there will be an influx of posts today as I type up my research and get this blog up to the same point I am, and then after that, I’ll update it every time I do some work.

I’m going to start right off and be honest: I am a sceptic. I am not particularly keen on experimental or academic musics and I find them a little hard to take seriously. However, I am going to try my best to approach the task in hand with an open mind and I’ve decided that I want to learn as much as I possibly can from the experience (even if it’s that I never want to do it again!). Therefore, I’m going to directly apply my research to the piece I make and I’m going to try and take all advice and tips from Matt and Jeevan on board and apply them to my own practice.