Field Recording (26th October)

I made two recordings in my house and these are both excepts from them. I live on Guildford Park Road which is usually fairly busy with traffic. On two occassins I have set up my mic on its tripod on my windowsill, opened the windows and recorded the traffic. There are usually quite a lot of sounds as vehicles go past, people walk down the road, buses turn onto the University campus, planes go overhead, and the train line is further down the road opposite.

95 GPR Day

This recording was collected during the day on Friday last week (23rd October). I don’t think it’s particularly remarkable but it’s still good practise.

95 GPR Sunday Night

This recording was made this evening. I hadn’t planned to make one, but I opened my windows and could hear the Cathedral’s bells in the distance and I decided to set up my mic. The cars going past often drown the bells out, but because it’s a Sunday night, Guildford Park Road isn’t quite as busy as normal so there are breaks in the traffic when you can hear the bells. Some people walk past at various times and you can hear them talking. Other noises are mostly my housemates who were chatting in the living room. At one point a someone lets off a firework (now I’m thinking about going out on November 5th to get some more recordings!). It’s interesting to consider the idea of acoustic ecology here – the car and plane sounds are drowning out the more traditional sounds of the Cathedral bells and other “hi-fi” sounds.


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