Lecture Reflections (20th October)

I really enjoyed the lecture yesterday, a lot more than I thought I would. It helped consolidate my research so far and also gave me some new avenues to explore, particularly the website Framework which I will be visiting later today to get some podcasts for my iPod. I feel more aware of the purpose of soundscapes and where they fit alongside terms like ‘acoustic ecology’ and ‘soundwalking’. I’m starting to have some ideas for my own soundscape and I am also beginning to think about how I will do it.

One of the main things I felt that I took away from the lecture was the need to practise field recordings. I’ve decided that tomorrow I’m going to go out and gather some recordings and start honing my technique. Matt stressed the need for practising, and I fully intend to start ASAP!

I also found through the listening that I’m already leaning towards a more ‘purist’ approach. I like the idea of creating a sonic representation of a place and it’s interesting to consider how making a soundscape of a specific place would interact with listeners who may not have been there (like me when I went to the Tony Myatt/Chris Watson soundscape) and whether listeners who had been there would recognise the soundscape.

Immediate to do list:

  • Framework podcasts onto iPod + begin listening to them
  • Go on a soundwalk this evening
  • Begin making field recordings around Guildford

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